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For the past eight years Detweiler Family Medicine & Associates has planned, coordinated, and conducted on-site vaccination clinics for Montgomery County Department of Health and 21 school districts throughout Bucks County, Berks County, Montgomery County, and Lehigh County. In that time, we have immunized thousands of students, faculty, staff, and employee family members for influenza, hepatitis A and B, pneumonia, zoster virus, tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis.

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Benefits of having Detweiler Family Medicine & Associates host a vaccine clinic at your school:

We Are Not a Pharmacy

We are a family medical practice and as such can work with commercial insurances to perform preventative services at no out-of-pocket costs for faculty, staff, parents, and students. We can also offer vaccines pharmacies cannot administer on school campuses. With the ability to provide multiple recommended and required vaccines with no out-of-pocket costs, Detweiler Family Medicine is the practical choice for school-based vaccination clinics.


We Provide a Comprehensive Service

We create online surveys to collect patient information, verify insurance coverage, set up and breakdown clinics, report immunization data to the state’s SIIS database– in short we do it all! We take great care to ensure our clients’ needs are met, in a timely and efficient manner. Let us show you the Detweiler Family difference!

We are a Local Business with Community Ties

Detweiler Family Medicine is located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and was founded in 1973. Our ties to the community run deep. We have worked with the Montgomery County Department of Health and assisted the department in its efforts to administer VFC vaccinations. We are the recipient of the 2017 Montgomery County School Nurse Association SCHOOL HEALTH PARTNERSHIP AWARD. We take great pride in our community and have a strong commitment to public health and well being in the region.


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