Jill Basile has been a Medical Aesthetician for over 25 years. She has extensive experience in dermatology and the aesthetic industry. Jill is certified  in several different laser and CoolSculpting. She achieves successful and realistic results for her patients.
Jill is certified in microblading and creates beautiful eyebrows for those who want to enhance their existing eyebrows or for those who have very little of their own eyebrows.
Jill is meticulous and pays attention to detail. She will help you obtain your realistic aesthetic goals.




Detweiler Laser & Aesthetic Center

Detweiler Laser & Aesthetic Center is a full-service aesthetic skin care center. Our center offers a variety of services that will optimize your appearance and help restore your youthful glow.


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Laser Skin Care

Laser services are performed with a state of the art Cutera Laser. We offer a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments with our Limelight IPL laser and a unique procedure called Laser Genesis. For those interested in laser hair removal or leg and facial vein reduction our Cool Glide laser offers a more comfortable option. The Cool Glide laser technology has a patented built-in cooling device that cools the skin surface immediately before the laser treatment is applied.

Laser Hair Reduction
Laser hair reduction can free you from daily shaving, painful plucking & expensive waxing to give you silky smooth & beautifully bare skin.

LimeLight Facial Rejuvenation
Our Cutera Lime Light Laser utilizes different wavelength ranges of 520 to 1100nm of light to provide superior results. The Lime Light Facial offers exceptional results in treeing skin redness, tiny facial veins, & brown spots on the face, neck, & chest.

Laser Genesis
The Laser Genesis procedure is ideal for treatment of fine-line wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin texture, diffuse redness, & scars. This is also an excellent treatment for Rosacea & acne scarring.

Face & Leg Vein Treatment
The Cutera Cool Glide is the ideal laser for removing unsightly fine veins from all parts of the body. Small facial veins & spider veins often found on the legs respond well to this treatment.


Our aesthetic services include physician administered injectable products designed to provide long lasting wrinkle correction & facial contour correction. The use of Botox & various dermal fillers, such as, Radiesse, Juvederm, & Restylane will result in the youthful appearance you desire.


Botox Cosmetic is a physician administered injection used to reduce select facial wrinkle lines. This treatment is particularly beneficial in reducing “frown lines” between the eyebrows, “crows feet” around the outside of the eyes, & forehead wrinkles.

Ideal wrinkle reduction is achieved by replenishing your skin’s lost volume. Upon injection, RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler immediately provides the volume and lift needed to diminish the signs of aging because of the calcium-based microspheres and gel that comprise the product. But what’s unique about RADIESSE Volumizing Filler is that it acts as a scaffold under the skin, providing structure and stimulating your own natural collagen to grow.

JUVÉDERM® is the smooth gel filler that instantly smooth away wrinkles around your mouth and nose. With just one treatment, you’ll get smooth and natural-looking results that last up to a year.
Restylane can be used to add volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds).


Facials & Peels

Our Aestheticians offer additional Aesthetic services including Microdermabrasion, Glycolic Acid Peels, and Customized Medical Facials. These services are effective for removing the dead outermost layer of skin revealing the new softer and smoother skin.

The stimulation of the skin by microdermabrasion promotes the generation of new collagen resulting in healthier, more youthful skin. Microdermabrasion provides excellent benefit for acne prone skin, oily skin, superficial age spots, and sun damaged skin.

Glycolic Acid Peel
The glycolic acid peel is utilized to treat a number of skin conditions. It is beneficial for acne, hyper pigmented skin, and sun damaged skin.

Custom Facials
The custom facial is a relaxing treatment designed to meet your specific skin care needs. The treatment will deeply cleanse and exfoliate impurities from your skin. Pore extraction is performed to unclog your pores.
 Eyebrow Microblading



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