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The Physicians and Professional Staff of Detweiler Family Medicine and Associates have a special interest in Occupational Medicine.


This division of medicine involves the provision of medical care to employees of businesses and industries. We offer urgent, same day evaluation of our occupational medicine patients.

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Pre-Employment Physical Exams

Our practice provides on-site employee evaluations. Our providers can customize a well-employee physical evaluation that takes into account the specific needs of your employee’s work environment. We have the diagnostic tools to screen and monitor most common industrial hazards. We are also able to accommodate in-office pre-employment exams to ensure potential hires are properly evaluated before beginning work.


FAA-Authorized Aviation Medical Examiner

Dr. Robert Detweiler has been trained and authorized by the FAA as an Aviation Medical Examiner. He can perform the medical exam for pilots and issue them a medical certificate as qualified by the FAA. Designated as a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, Dr. Detweiler is qualified to perform pilot physicals for Class 1, 2, & 3 pilots.


Department of Transportation Physicals (DOT)

We have been providing DOT physicals for companies in our community for over 30 years. We are able to examine patients and authorize a DOT card for all patients who qualify according to DOT guidelines.


Motor Vehicle Accident/Personal Injury Care

Our physicians are trained to focus on getting any injured persons the care needed to get them back to daily life activities as soon as possible.


Worker’s Compensation Care

Our experienced clinicians are versed on worker compensation concerns and are sensitive to the needs of both the employer and the employee. In our role as an Occupational Physician we are committed to expediting the employee visit, arriving at a prompt diagnosis of the condition, and devising an efficient treatment regimen. Our focus is getting the employee well, and returning the employee to gainful employment as soon as possible.


Drug Screenings

At the employers discretion, we will perform a urine drug screen or hair analysis on presentation to the office. A comprehensive evaluation and report is done in the office at time of service and given to the employee and faxed to the employer. This report includes post-visit instructions and return to work restrictions and is also sent immediately to the workers compensation insurance company.




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